What contact lenses should drivers choose?

Posted by Lens World on 11th May 2018

The eyes of the motorist during the journey experience stress due to the high concentration of attention on the road. After a few hours behind the wheel, especially - in the furious rhythm of urban traffic, visual attention can be significantly reduced, and the eyes - begin to hurt.

How important are lenses for drivers?

It is very important for drivers to have good eyesight, their and everyone else’s safety depends on this. The glasses are not quite comfortable behind the wheel because their frame limits the field of view. For this reason, many motorists prefer to use contact lenses for driving - they have a wider view that is also good for other things like playing sports.

However, not all varieties of contact lenses will be equally convenient for motorists. Lenses that have a spherical design, can distort the view and cause glare. Especially dangerous during sunrise or sunset and when oncoming cars have blinding high-beams on.

Aberrations arising from the wearing of contact lenses with spherical optics, can cause disorientation of the driver and eventually lead to an accident.

For this reason, drivers often use a different type of glasses – shades. These glasses have the following properties: anti-glare effect, as well as eye protection from the headlights of oncoming cars and harmful UV rays. Wearing shades is very convenient, but they, like any other glasses, can rub the bridge of the nose, slide from the nose, and limit the field of view, fog up. There are contact lenses that can provide excellent vision and completely eliminate the all the hassle of wearing glasses.

Contact lenses should be comfortable and not cause dry eyes. Today, almost any car comes with an air-conditioner and they are well known to dry the air. Choosing the correct type of contact lenses will maintain the moisture in your eyes and eliminate the risk of dry eyes. You can either choose daily contact lenses or monthly - as long as they are of good quality.

Remember, while operating a motor vehicle, a perfect vision will help you control the situation on the road better, so as not to be a participant in an accident.

Having contact lenses while driving during the night can also help you see things in far distance better. For example, sometimes a tight turn is not very visible during night-time but with contact lenses, you’ll see quicker. It is very common for night-time drivers to experience eye conditions like eye strain, dry eyes or general fatigue to the lack of light. Having a good quality pair of contact lenses will help you overcome these problems when you are driving.

Visibility conditions on the roads are rarely ideal. Fog, twilight, rainy weather or lack of lighting along the roadway, significantly reduce visibility and the ability to navigate adequately in the traffic flow. Benefits of contact lenses are almost never ending.

But most importantly - these lenses do not create discomfort when worn - they are so thin that you hardly feel them.

Before departure for a long trip, the driver is recommended to sleep normally and rest enough to be ready.

Sydney can have 4 seasons in one day; it can be foggy or rainy. As a driver, you are supposed to have perfect vision at all times and be prepared for unexpected weather changes.