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Best Ways To Care For Your Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses are an incredibly convenient way to correct your vision, but they do require care and attention in handling and keeping them clean. Here you’ll find tips and techniques to ensure you get the very best out of your contact lenses.

How to clean your contact lenses

The type of lens you have determines how you care for it.While disposable extended-wear soft lenses need the least care, conventional soft lenses take far more work. Whether you use monthly or daily contact lenses, it is important to follow these directions or you could possibly end up with issues with your vision. If you experience any issues, please talk to your eye doctor who will be able to guide you and figure out your next steps.

  1. Before you handle contacts, wash and rinse your hands with a mild soap. Make sure it doesn’t have any perfumes, oils or lotions, which can leave a film on your hands.
  2. Dry your hands with a clean, lint-free towel.
  3. It’s a good idea to keep your fingernails short and filed so that you don't damage your lenses or scratch your eye.
  4. Some contacts need special care and products. Always use the disinfecting solution, drops and cleaners recommended by your doctor.
  5. Never put tap water directly on your lenses. Even distilled water can be home to bugs that can cause an infection.
  6. Clean each contact this way: rub it gently with your index finger in the palm of your other hand. Lightly rubbing your contact removes any surface buildup.
  7. Clean your lens case regularly. Use the sterile solution or hot tap water and let it air dry. It is also best to replace the case every three months.

How to wear your contact lenses

  1. Wear your contacts each day for only as long as your doctor recommends.
  2. If you think you’ll have trouble remembering when to change your lenses, ask your eye doctor for a chart. If he or she doesn’t have one, make one for yourself.
  3. If you accidentally insert your contacts inside out, it won’t hurt your eye. To avoid this, place the lens on the tip of your finger so it forms a cup. Look at the contact from the side. If the cup looks like it flares out at the top and has a lip, the lens is inside out. If it looks like the letter "U," it’s the right side out.
  4. Never wear someone else’s contacts, especially if they’ve already been worn. Using other people's contact lenses can spread infections.
  5. If your eye gets irritated, take your contacts out. Don’t use them again until you’ve spoken to someone at your doctor’s office about the problem. If you keep wearing them, your eye could get infected.
  6. Go to your eye doctor right away if you have any sudden vision loss, blurred vision, light flashes, infection, pain, unusual redness or irritation.

If you are looking for good quality corrective contact lenses online, please browse our available products or call us on 1300 724 534.

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