Coloured Contact Lenses

LensWorld is a high quality colour contact lenses supplier in Australia committed to providing cost effective contact lens solutions.

Whether you're looking for coloured contact lenses to jazz up your style or specialised lenses such as toric, multifocal, astigmatism, or bifocal, we have it all for both cosmetic and prescription use. 

We offer a variety of high quality lenses including toric, multifocal, astigmatism, bifocal, general and coloured for both cosmetic and prescription use. Coloured Contact Lenses have the ability to enhance your eye colour and are specially designed to give you a natural looking colour. With our selection, changing the shade of your eyes is as simple as picking your favourite colour contacts.

Coloured Contact Lenses range in intensity and may add a coloured tint or provide a complete new eye colour.

Coloured Contact Lenses Australia

Coloured Contact Lenses make it simple to change the colour of your eyes, instantly. You’ll enjoy outstanding vision quality and a soft, comfortable contact lens experience. We stock brands of contact lenses that are well known for combining the best and highest quality materials with the latest technological innovations.

Want to switch from a darker shade light to green color contacts or vibrant Air Optix Colours? We have you covered. For those aiming for a dramatic transformation, our black contact lens and grey contact lens options can make a bold statement.

At Lens World, we continually ensure that we are able to provide the best coloured contact lens solutions to our customers, while keeping our prices affordable.

Lens World is proud to offer free delivery on all orders over $99. For more information or when you are ready to enhance your image with coloured contact lenses.

Coloured contact lenses have been around for a very long time. Over the years the technology behind designing and manufacturing these lenses have improved to the point where they are extremely comfortable to wear for almost everyone. These have made coloured lenses an attractive prospect for both men and women who feel the need to change the color of their eyes to something that suits their mood, current style and how they want to see themselves. This is all without the risk of eye fatigue and various other issues.

The best coloured contact lenses

At we have gone through great lengths to ensure that we only sell the highest quality coloured contact lenses. Our years of experience coupled with the testimonials of customers around the world have shown that brands like Cibavision's Freshlook Colorblends are in fact the very best of the best. These lenses do not just change the color of your eyes but they are designed to change a darker coloured iris (like brown, or black) to a lighter shade like green or blue. Plus they are available in an array of colors which range from blue, green, gray to turquoise, honey and brown etc. So, there is obviously something for everyone.

Trust us to deliver quality

As one of the most reputed and trusted sellers of coloured contact lenses online you can trust us to always deliver you a high quality product. Every product featured on our online store is the very best out there.