CooperVision is a subsidiary of The Cooper Companies – an American medical company based out of Pleasanton, California. Founded in 1979, CooperVision is today the world’s 4th largest contact lens supplier and the world’s largest manufacturer of toric contact lenses for individuals with astigmatism.

When it comes to the world of contact lenses, CooperVision is perhaps one of the biggest names in the industry. Their contact lenses are worn by men and women across the world and are known to be of a very high quality. The company's own ever improving product range benefits from its in house R&D which continues to come up with new and more comfortable contact lenses. It is this constant drive to innovate which has made CooperVision one of the leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and a number of other related services and products.

An international leader in contact lenses

CooperVision sells its products in well over 100 countries across the globe. Their products are sold in places as far as Africa and China as well as the Americas, with the goal of improving the experience that people have when wearing contact lenses. However, the company credits its constant growth and global acceptance to their ability to absorb feedback and then use it to improve their products as well as introduce new ones. Their current product line reflects what almost everybody requires in a high quality pair of contact lenses.

We sell only the best

We have chosen to sell a great deal of CooperVision's products because in our experience they are the very best and their products are in great demand here in Australia. Their reputation to delivering quality is also the reason why they are one of the most reputed brands in this country.

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