Our Story

Lens World was founded by eye care professionals who shared the same vision of wanting to provide a more convenient and cost-effective way of distributing contact lenses to the people of Australia. As we are a company that will keep growing and innovating, we will be introducing new features and products in the near future.

Our Products

We provide various types of comfortable contact lenses with many different colors and features. We recommend you follow your optometrist’s recommendation whenordering your lenses as this is based on your eye condition/diagnosis. The contact lens that you order will depend on your needs, like how you need to adjust to the light and environment, and how far/near you can see. It will also depend on your tolerance for certain materials and designs. Our lenses are available in transparent for those who prefer to look natural, however we also provide colorful lenses for a more fun and different experience to blend with certain cosmetics. We supply lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia as well.

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Our success is measured by your happiness and satisfaction

LensWorld.com.au provides an online solution for those who need their lenses delivered to their doorstep. Ordering contact lenses from LensWorld.com.au is very convenient and affordable. The reviews left by our customers are testament to their happiness in our service.

About Us

Lens World was founded by eye care professionals who wanted to help people with eye disadvantages by providing customers with products in a more cost-effective and convenient way. That vision led to the birth of LensWorld.com.au, a well-known Australian contact lens company that is still growing and innovating to this day. We are one of Australia’s most prestigious eye-care companies that has been successful in providing contact lenses to satisfied customers. We are dedicated in providing you with the best quality contact lens products in the most convenient, speedy and cost-effective way. Our goal is to serve customers in the fastest yet most reliable way possible.

Successful Brands

We supply the top 4 high quality contact lens brands, which are Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, CooperVision, and Johnson & Johnson. We stock a large supply of lenses from theses manufacturers, and the ones we don’t stock we order in on a case by case basis.

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