Fortnightly Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Lens World are committed to providing customers with high quality fortnightly contact lenses designed specifically for Astigmatism. Lens World continually ensure that we are able to provide the best lens solutions to our customers, while keeping our prices affordable.

Lens World provides premium brands of fortnightly contact lenses for Astigmatism such as the Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys and Bausch & Lomb Soflens Toric. Astigmatism contact lenses are aimed specifically at correcting eye problems. Astigmatism is a condition in which the eye finds it difficult to focus on objects, this produces a blurry and fuzzy image, compared to the usual sharp image people with regular vision would receive.

Lens World provides fortnightly contact lenses for customers suffering from astigmatism which have combined the best up-to-date technology, with the most advanced materials available, to create a contact lens that will give wearers the clear, sharp vision that they desire.

Lens World is proud to offer free delivery on all orders over $99. For more information about fortnightly contact lenses for Astigmatism or to place an order, please email us at