Health Funds is registered with certain health funds, by purchasing from you can claim against your optical limit from the providers listed below.

We are looking to expand our provider list, so if your health fund isn't listed below please let us know and we will contact them to see if we can become a provider.

How much you will be able to claim depends on your level of cover and whether you have recently claimed or not. Please check with your health fund to see what your entitlements are before purchasing, as each health fund and policy may be different.

Funds that have approved us so far:

AHM: 21143958

Australian Unity: 21134113

CBHS Health Fund: CBHS04765

Central West Health: 00006722

CUA Health: OP08708

Defense Health: OPT00026

GMF: 00006722

GU Health: 21125012

HBF: B22408

Health Care Insurance: P1091544

HIF: A000591A

Latrobe Health: P3001529

Medibank: A193971A - Conditions Apply, please see below*

Mildura Health Fund: 001460PO

Navy Health: ACU10631 / LENSWRLD

NIB: 10175537

Teachers Health Fund: OPT07896

TUH: TUH00219


*Medibank Conditions:
- A copy of your valid prescription must be provided via email prior to ordering.
- A Date of Birth is required when creating your account
- Orders for children under the age of 16 are not eligible for rebate