Benefits of contact lenses

Benefits of contact lenses

Posted by Lens World on 31st Jan 2018

Weighing down “pros” and “cons” of contact lenses before buying them is very important. However, it is almost impossible to find cons in modern contact lenses. They provide an excellent sight, more freedom in terms of movement (i.e playing sports) and an overall better look.

Enjoying an excellent vision

When your eyes move, the lenses move with them and they will always align correctly with your pupil. Therefore, no matter the angle of your look, your vision will not be limited unlike with glasses. Glasses have limited frames and as soon as you have to look outside that frame your vision will be blurred. The main advantages of contact lenses are the provision of a clear central and peripheral vision, as well as the ability to easily monitor what is happening around. In addition:

  • Lenses help you to get rid of annoying distortions and other inconveniences that glasses bring.
  • They do not fog up when stepping into a warm room from a cold environment.
  • They provide excellent vision regardless of the weather, rain or snow won’t be a problem
  • Ability to change the colour of the eyes.

  • Lenses provide you with the complete freedom of movement necessary to lead an active lifestyle. Here are some advantages of contact lenses in terms of playing sports:

  • They are weightless compared to glasses and invisible
  • Do not present you a danger if you fall down or get hit with an object
  • Will not slip off when you run or jump

  • Lenses improve your looks from the outside

    Contact lenses help to look better, raise self-esteem and positively influence how other people perceive you:

  • having removed glasses and having refused a frame that hides the most beautiful part of your face from people, you seem to re-discover your natural beauty;
  • Wearing sunglasses are no longer an issue
  • For the women, you can demonstrate your makeup skills on your eyes that were hidden by the glasses before.

  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation

    One of the advantages of contact lenses is that they can be protective against ultraviolet radiation if they have filters that block those radioactive lights. Unlike glasses, the lenses do not allow sunlight to pass around sides of your face. To enhance the protective effect of ultraviolet wear sunglasses and a hat with wide margins.

    Correction of vision when wearing contact lenses occurs more naturally than with glasses. This is due to the fact that the contact lens moves after the pupil's movement, besides there are no distortions, changes in size and reduced field of view that can be observed when using glasses.

    There is one more important advantage; contact lenses correspond much better to medical indications at certain defects of sight. For example, with anisometropia, a large difference between eyesight reaching over 2 dioptres or near-sightedness and hyperopia of high degrees - in all these cases contact lenses are more effective and are more often recommended by ophthalmologists for use.