6 Advantages of Using Contact Lenses for Sports

2nd Aug 2017

If you play sports or have a child who does, no doubt you will be familiar with the problems glasses present on the playing field. For many athletes, contact lenses are a life-changing solution to awkward and hazardous moments. Make the most of the game by switching to contact lenses, and see why they are so popular in New Zealand.

So why exactly are contact lenses better for athletes? Here are six advantages.

Fewer Distractions

Contact lenses don’t slip and slide like bulky frames. Any kind of sport requires a lot of physical activity, and the last thing you want is a pair of glasses wobbling around. Contact lenses remove that distraction and allow you the freedom to keep your eyes on the prize.

See Clearly

Glasses are notorious for steaming up at the most inconvenient times. Having foggy lenses during a match prevents you from seeing clearly, and you could lose opportunities or be clumsy as a result. Contact lenses never fog up and they don’t host annoying reflections. They are also perfect for rainy days, as you won’t have to wipe off water drops every two minutes.

Wider Field of Vision

Contact lenses fit directly on the eye, giving you a wider scope of natural vision. An increased peripheral vision means you will see as much as possible, with no frame obstructing your view. Daily contact lenses are a handy option for those who prefer glasses but want that extra field of vision when playing sports.

Easy on the Fall

Injuries are inevitable, but falling is a lot less dangerous when glasses are out of the picture. Wearing contact lenses for sports can save you from potential trauma, as you won’t risk falling on the frame and shattering the glass. Contact lenses are about a lot more than mere looks!

Something Extra on Top

When the sun turns on its heat, sunglasses are the best way to protect sensitive eyes. Wearing contact lenses means you can wear sunglasses on top. Additionally, some sports require protective goggles or helmets, and these are easier to wear when unwieldy glasses leave the scene.

Works with Everything

One of the best things about wearing contact lenses is that they’re practically invisible. You can wear any type of contact lenses and it will go with every single item in your wardrobe. No more worrying about clashing colours or matching team colours.

Convenient and helpful, they can help optimise your sports performance and enjoyment. There are different types of contact lenses to suit every type of eye and lifestyle. Toric lenses correct astigmatism, daily contact lenses are perfect for those who are prone to eye infections or do not need to wear them every day, and monthly or fortnightly contact lenses are a great in between.

When buying contact lenses online, talk to your local optometrist first to determine which contact lenses are the best fit for you. For any other queries, chat to one of our friendly team members for advice and answers.