Heads Up! Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

9th Oct 2023

Coloured contact lenses, revolutionising the world of optical fashion, offer more than a simple eye colour change. 

They're a beacon of personal expression. However, this dazzling world requires careful navigation, prioritising safety over style.

Understanding Contact Lenses: More than Mere Colour

Colored contact lenses aren't just fashion accessories. They are medical devices that directly interface with one of our most vital organs: the eyes. According to the Optometry of Australia, understanding the biomedical implications of these lenses reduces potential health risks significantly.

The Fundamentals of Safe Lens Use Selection: The Right Brand Matters

The market offers a myriad of coloured contact options. Quality brands like Air Optix Colors prioritise user health along with aesthetics. However, always consult with your optometrist before choosing a contact lens, even if it's from a reputable brand. Sometimes, eyes might have specific requirements or sensitivities unknown to the average consumer.

Cleanliness: The Non-negotiable Step

As per a recent study by Optometry of Australia, a considerable fraction of lens-related complications arise from improper lens care. Cleaning is not just about frequency but also methodology. Any compromise can lead to bacterial infections, corneal ulcers, or even vision loss in severe cases.

Regular Check-ins: Keep an Eye on Eye Health

A lens might fit perfectly today, but our eyes change over time. Regular check-ups ensure that your contact lenses still fit and that your eyes remain healthy. Plus, optometrists can offer updates on better lens care practices.

Preventing Common Lens Pitfalls

Usage Duration

Every lens type, be it daily, bi-weekly, or monthly, comes with its designated wear time. Overextending this duration isn't just risking the contact lens's integrity but also poses threats like reduced oxygen supply to the cornea or increased infection susceptibility.

Steering Clear of Water

While taking a quick shower with your contact lenses on seems harmless, it's a risk. Studies have shown that exposing lenses to water can increase the chances of eye infections.

Personal Means Personal

What's tailored for your eyes isn’t suited for someone else’s. Swapping lenses isn’t just about fit; it's an open invitation to cross-contamination and potential infections.

Overlooked Safety Regimen Ideal Storage Practices

Beyond just placing them in a case, lenses need to be stored in a disinfecting solution. This solution should be replaced daily and never be topped off. The lens case, often a breeding ground for bacteria if neglected, should be replaced every three months.

The Expiry Conundrum

Lenses have an expiration date, reflecting the period they remain sterile in their sealed packaging. Using contact lenses post this date isn’t just ineffective; it's risky.


Using coloured contacts can change your look. But before you try them, always check with your eye doctor. It's important to stay safe while looking stylish.