How to Properly Care for Your Eyes When Wearing Contact Lenses (4 Top Tips)

13th Apr 2023

For contact lens wearers, proper eye care and usage are essential to maintain good eye health. In this infographic, we will provide you with a few practical eye care tips and guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your contact lenses while keeping your eyes safe and healthy. So let's dive in and discover the best tips and practices for successful contact lens use!

4 Eye Care Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

1. Don't sleep with contact lenses in

Avoid sleeping in your contact lenses (unless prescribed by your doctor). Always follow the recommended wearing schedule and make sure you give your eyes a break and allow them to breathe by taking your lenses out at least once a day.

2. Regularly clean your contact lenses properly

Wash hand thoroughly (with soap and water) before handling your lens. Rub and rinse your lenses with a cleaning solution to remove dirt, debris and bacteria. Clean and replace your lens case regularly to avoid build up of germs.

3. Watch for sign of infection

Remove your lenses and contact your eye doctor if you experience redness, itching, pain, blurred vision or discharge from your eyes. Don't ignore the issue and seek swift medical attention if you suspect an eye infection or if symptoms worsen.

4. Get regular checkups for your eyes

Visit your eye care professional regularly for comprehensive eye exams and contact lens fitting and follow-up appointments. Be honest about your contact lens habits and any discomfort or issues you may be experiencing..