Your First Time Wearing Contact Lenses in Australia? Keep This in Mind

11th Jan 2016

People are sometimes intimidated by contact lenses in Australia, especially if they haven’t used them before. If you’ve used them before, lens wear and care is very easy for you, but if you’re a novice, it can be a little uncomfortable. At Lens World, we believe that if you know what to expect, you’ll be better equipped to handle contact lens wear. This is especially true for people who make a lens purchase online. Here’s a step by step guide on how to wear contact lenses for the first time.

1 – Remove the Lens from the Sealed Pack

The contact lenses in Australia will come in sealed packs, soaking in a specific solution. If the prescription for your right and left eye is the same, you won’t need to mark them separately. However, if the prescription is different, you should mark the lens box differently. Wearing the wrong lens can be uncomfortable, especially if you have astigmatism. It’s good idea to remove the lenses from the sealed pack only if you intend to wear them. Once you open the pack, the clock starts ticking. If you have monthly disposables, you need discard the lenses a month after unsealing them.

2 – Check the Lenses

The next thing to do is to check the contact lenses in Australia. Gently remove the lens and balance it on the tip of your finger. Raise your finger a little and look at the lens. There should be no debris on it. If you spot debris, you need to carefully clean it with the lens cleaning solution. If you don’t do this, the dirt on the lens will irritate your eye.

You also need to ensure that you place the right side of the lens on your eye. As these contact lenses in Australia are made from a very flexible material, they can flip upside down. You can’t wear them if that’s the case. You need to gently test if the lens is on the right side. You can do that by placing the lens on the crease of your palm and closing it slightly. If the edges of the lens curl in, the lens is on the right side. If they curl out, you need to flip the lens to the right side gently.

3 – Wear the Lens

Once you’re sure the lens is free of debris and on the right side, make sure it’s moist before putting it on. For first timers, this can be a difficult process. You can balance the lens on your forefinger and use the other hand and fingers to keep your eye open. Without blinking, place the lens on your eye. It helps to roll your eyes by looking up and down, allowing the lens to settle. After you’ve placed the lens, remove your fingers and blink a few times. That’s all. This might take a few tries, but you’ll get it eventually.

To remove the lens, you can gently slide it to the corner of your eye, pinch it, and lift it off the eye ball. It’s as easy as that. So, don’t hesitate to purchase your contact lenses in Australia from Lens World today.