Why Contact Lenses are Simply More Comfortable

17th Nov 2015

If you’re here, you’re probably indecisive about whether you should purchase contact lenses online, or purchase contact lenses at all. First time buyers are always a little on-the-fence about it. That’s mostly because lenses seem a little intimidating. Who wants to place something right over their eye-ball? Most people don’t really believe that contact lenses can be comfortable. After all, even a piece of lint can make the eyes burn and water, so how can contact lenses be safe? Here’s a list of situations where contact lenses are better than glasses.

1 – Weather

Contact lenses are comfortable in all weather. Whether you’re caught in a downpour or in blistering heat your vision won’t be hampered. Spectacles tend to become cloudy and moist in these conditions so lenses are definitely more comfortable. The hampered vision during these conditions can lead to accidents. That’s one of the reasons to buy contact lenses online.

2 – Cleanliness

Even if you purchase high-end, expensive glasses, you face the problem of dirt and stain. Spectacle lenses attract dirt, finger-prints, stains, and grime like magnets. Most wearers are forced to clean the lenses a dozen times a day and only for them to become dirty within an hour. Not only is this very annoying and unhygienic, it also hinders vision. Most people don’t realize just how much they strain their eyes when they peer through a stained lens. This problem can be completely avoided by wearing contact lenses. In fact, the vision clarity in contact lenses is as close to natural as you can get.

3 – Movies

Just how many times have you been forced to wear 3D glasses over your normal glasses when you go out for a movie? It’s cumbersome and can be very irritating. You’ll be out of luck if you find 3D glasses that don’t fit over your normal glasses. That’s why buying contact lenses online makes a lot of sense. You won’t need to wear those ungainly glasses when you go to the movies and can comfortably watch the 3D effects.

4 – Exercise

If you attempt a yoga pose like the downward dog while wearing spectacles, your glasses fall right off your face. It’s not an unlikely scenario. That’s one of the reasons why people remove their glasses when they exercise. Whether you’re out jogging, performing push-ups and pull-ups, or trying yoga, contact lenses are much more comfortable than glasses any day. You can perform any vigorous exercise without having to remove your glasses and deal with reduced vision.

5 – Sports

Most athletes don’t wear glasses, preferring corrective surgery or contact lenses instead. This is because glasses are only a hindrance in their performance. Contact lenses support peripheral vision to a greater extent compared to glasses, this means your clear vision isn’t limited according to the size of the spectacle lenses. In some sports, this might not matter. But if you swim, or play football, or compete in martial arts, etc, lenses are more comfortable. Unsurprisingly, people who play a sport almost always purchase contact lenses online.

So, don’t hesitate to purchase contact lenses online. For more information, you can contact Lens World and get active assistance for online lens shopping.