Why Choose Precision1 Contact Lenses for Your Astigmatism?

13th Nov 2023

Astigmatism is an abnormal curve of the eye's surface, a common eye condition leading to blurred vision for many people. Regular contact lenses provide a measure of correction. However, reputable brands like Precision1 are designed with a distinctive purpose: to address astigmatism more effectively.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind the rising preference for Precision1 contact lenses to solve astigmatism.

How does Astigmatism affect vision?

Astigmatism is an eye condition that arises from a cornea or lens that's imperfectly shaped, disrupting the proper focus of light and consequently distorting vision across all distances. Simply put, the cornea is more football-like instead of being round like a basketball.

People with astigmatism see a light refraction error that causes a blurring of vision, which can be quite complex to correct with standard lenses.

Why Choose Precision 1 for Astigmatism?

Precision1 contact lenses are engineered with unique features tailored to those who need correction for astigmatism.

SmartSurface® Technology for a moisture-enriched surface and Precision Balance 8|4® Design for optimal lens positioning offers enhanced stability, better oxygen permeability, and improved visual acuity.

Studies suggest that these lenses fit well, remain stable, and provide consistent clarity, proving beneficial for individuals with demanding lifestyles who cannot afford unreliable vision correction.

Clinical Evidence Supporting Precision1

Optometry Australia's IoE Quality Assurance studied 245 individuals fitted with Precision1 for Astigmatism lenses. Participants were required to wear the lenses for at least six hours daily over a period of 10 days. The outcome was overwhelmingly positive, with 87% reporting enduring comfort throughout their usage. This high satisfaction level highlights Precision1 contact lenses’ exceptional performance.

Eye care specialists also noted a marked decrease in complaints about lens rotation—a frequent problem with toric lenses—which further attests to the superior engineering of Precision1 contact lenses.

Practitioners like Eleisha Dudson from Wellington, New Zealand, have recognised Precision1's value: “The Precision1 technology, as a sister product, is a great adjunct. This material can help us provide our mainstream patients with the handling and smart surface technology comfort they are currently lacking.”

Precision 1 Contact Lenses Reviews:

New users of Precision1 contacts often speak of easy adaptation and integration into their daily lives. This ease is largely due to the lens's capacity to retain moisture and position, which provides unwavering vision throughout the day.

In Sydney, optometrist Josh Clark presented a case involving one of his patients - Ms. Beatrix, a longtime contact lens wearer and teacher, who experienced significant improvements after switching to Precision1 daily lenses for Astigmatism. She noticed enhanced vision and reduced eye fatigue, a testament to the lens's performance, as observed during her follow-up exams.

The case of Ms. Beatrix also underscores the necessity of routine eye exams and how cutting-edge lens technology can substantially elevate the quality of life.

Other testimonials from other contact lens users from Doctor Eye Health’s Best Contact lenses in 2022.

“Best astigmatism lens for me is Precision 1 Toric or Dailies Total 1 toric. Oasys 1 Day Max Multifocal might be my new Fav if it's just as comfortable as Oasys 1 Day spheres” - Dr. Smith

“Shout out to precision 1 fr. It's the only lens I've ever used that doesn't spin around in my eye throughout the day (astigmatism). Too bad it's super expensive to use dailies vs monthlies” - Ciel

Comparing Precision1 to Other Options

Precision1 for astigmatism excels against standard soft lenses, providing the specific correction needed for astigmatism, which generic soft lenses cannot match. Compared to other toric lenses, Precision1 contact lenses typically receive more favourable reviews regarding comfort and user satisfaction, showing better performance in real-life situations.

Final Thoughts

Precision1's contact lenses' advanced design and technological integration make them superior options for correcting astigmatism. Those considering a shift to Precision1 should consult with an eye care professional to evaluate fit and suitability, ensuring that the lenses are tailored to your needs.