Why Are Contact Lenses Better Than Glasses?

6th Jul 2016

Contact lenses have become popular and are easy accessible and yet many people still continue to wear glasses. This is because most people are under the impression that contact lenses aren’t comfortable. They hesitate to purchase a pair even to test them out because they believe that these lenses wouldn’t be comfortable. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing contact lenses in Australia.

  • They Are Comfortable - You might not believe it but contact lenses are actually more comfortable than glasses because you forget you have them on. Glasses always feel a little ungainly and heavy on the face but contact lenses are nearly undetectable.
  • They Don’t Get Dirty - Glasses tend to attract dirt, debris, and finger prints. If you have oily skin, they also tend to get greasy over the course of the day. This can hamper your vision and become very annoying. The smudges on your glasses can also cause strain to your eyes because you’ll subconsciously squint to see better. You can avoid this problem if you wear contact lenses in Australia. They won’t get dirty unless something gets in your eye and even then, the reaction and tears produced by your eyes would clean them immediately.
  • Better Vision - Dirty glasses with finger prints can hamper vision but even without that, glasses don’t offer as much clarity as contact lenses do. Glasses are some distance away from your eyes so your peripheral vision isn’t really clear. Contact lenses are flush against the iris and provide the best quality of vision possible outside of perfect natural eye-sight. You’ll definitely notice the difference between the two when you wear contact lenses for the first time.
  • Sports and Athletic Activities - Activities like swimming, running, contact sports, etc, can be difficult to deal with when you wear glasses. They can easily become wet, dirty, or be knocked off your face. That can impact your athletic performance and cause problems. Contact lenses are ideal for such situations because you don’t have to worry about getting them wet, dirty, and dislodged. That’s why many athletes use contact lenses when they play sports.
  • Weather - Contact lenses are comfortable in all weather, whether it’s hot or cold. Glasses are not and can be very troublesome. When the temperature is high, glasses seem to attract sweat and make you feel warmer. During the rains, they get wet and obscure your vision and during the colder months, they become chilly and uncomfortable.
  • Easy to Wear - Many people assume that contact lenses in Australia aren’t easy to wear. They’re wary of poking a finger in their eye and causing damage. Contact lenses are actually quite easy to wear and you just need to practice for a little while. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to wear contact lenses in a few quickly and easily.

As you can see, contact lenses in Australia are a great option for you and you should at least give them a try once in your life.