Which Contact Lenses Are Most Comfortable ?

15th Nov 2018

Contact lenses have been around a while and what’s better to replace glasses than contacts? There are many types of contact lenses but how to know which one is the most comfortable? Different lenses have different characteristics. Choosing the most comfortable contact lenses depend heavily on the conditions of your eyes and your doctor’s advice.

People think that contact lenses is a modern invention, however, this not the case. There have been drawings of devices being inserted into the eye dating back to the days of Leonardo DaVinci. That being said, the first actual implementation of contact lenses started in 19th century: first known one being used in 1888. Early contact lenses were made of glass, they were quite big and uncomortable, their maintenance was a lot more complex as well. Today, hard glass lenses are outdated and not used.

Daily Contact Lenses

When it comes to topic of the safest and most comfortable contact lenses, ophthalmogists have a common view: they believe that daily contact lenses are by far the most comfortable and safest ones. This view matches with manufacturers’ view too. This the main reasons why almost all contact lens manufacturers have daily contact lenses in their product range and lots of effort is put for their promotion. Daily contact lenses offer stress-free wearing and comfort and they don’t require any maintenance. Daily contact lenses are not worn more than a day (more precisely, they should not be used), deposits do not accumulate on them, which translates into more comfortable wearing and a better quality of vision compared to lenses that are not cleaned. They are less likely to develop dry eyes and allergies, no irritation from the use of cleaning solutions.

Daily lenses are the most hygienic contact lenses on the market. You only have to put them on and take them off once. No mess in this case with a solution to clean the contact lenses. No more lens cases in the bathroom. In addition, the risk of damaging a daily lens is minimal. Result? Healthy eyes and a clear view.

If you do not usually wear contact lenses but glasses , the daily lenses are very convenient in situations where the glasses could be annoying: work, sports, outdoor recreation ... In amusement parks for example, no need to remove his glasses for a roller coaster ride

Soft contact lenses are quite comfortable too

Soft lenses are available in different materials that pass through different acid and consist of different fluid. Some also have UV protection. What kind of lens material to choose depends on the eyes. This is checked by a legitimate contact lens optician so that the correct lens material and parameters are selected according to the eye's status. Soft lenses consist of various plastic materials that are oxygen-permeable and contain some liquid. Soft lenses are usually 13-15.5 mm in diameter and cover the entire cornea.

Toric lenses

Toric lenses – this type of lens is used to correct astigmatism, a condition where vision is blurred due to an irregularly shaped cornea or lens inside the eye. They are usually more expensive than other lenses. They are very comfortable for the people who have astigmatism.

Alcon Lenses

Daylight lenses from Alcon. How do these differ from other contact lenses? They have a unique three step moisturization process, which allows the moisturizing component to be gradually released: a small amount at every blink.

CooperVision Lenses

Soft contact lenses for correction of astigmatism from CooperVision. The technology AQUAFORM ™ and a breathable material give them a high oxygen permeability, which makes them significantly more comfortable to wear. They are suitable for continuous use, which means you can keep them in your eyes during the night.

After your follow-up eye exam with your optician, you should have your lens recipe in your hand. Even if you can always buy your lenses at the store, it may sometimes be more convenient to order lenses online. Generally, it is cheaper to buy lenses online, even though shipping costs may occur. When it's time to order lenses there's really no need to get in the car and drive to an optician's shop. As long as you have your lens recipe, you can conveniently order your lenses from home on the web.

If you do not have your actual lens recipe, you do not have to worry. Contact the optician where you did your latest eye exam and get a copy and buy lenses wherever you want.