Tips on Wearing Contact Lenses For Reading

10th Jul 2019

Nothing is a lot better than a great page-turner. Reading is just one of the most joyful activities in life and it is a thing that most of us enjoy on a regular basis. You may be halfway through a novel, flicking through a magazine or reading the headlines on your iPad, it is important to be certain that you aren't putting your eyes at an increased risk from tension and discomfort. So, to make sure your next reading session is certainly not cut short by any kind of contact lens problems using the practical advice below:

Wear suitable contact lenses

This one may appear to be quite apparent, however it is crucial that you make certain you are wearing contact lenses using the correct prescription, not merely in reading but in just about every other element of every day. Putting on contact lenses using the incorrect prescription could cause a strain to your eyes, while they need to work harder to decipher any blurred or twisted vision you go through, you really need to attend an eye fixed test once every couple of years at minimum.

Take scheduled breaks from reading

Reading for lengthened periods of time while wearing contact lenses can eye strain and a sense of fatigue, which even more down the road could cause much more serious issues. It's important, therefore, to take frequent rests from reading to offer your eyes an escape. After each and every chapter, place the book down and walk at home to permit your eyes to spotlight items except that the page.

Read the book from the right angle

Reading at an uncomfortable angle also can put some strain on the eyes and possibly result in some discomfort if done for an excessive period of time. So, if it is a novel or a tablet, hold your reading device at eye level, or simply just below eye level. This is basically the suggested comfy position for reading, keeping your eyes feeling fresh reading from one page to another.

Remind yourself to blink

Particularly so if you should be reading from a Kindle, iPad or tablet, you may find that during reading you may be neglecting to blink as much while you usually would. As with every digital screen use, this dehydrates your eyes, ultimately causing dry eyes and discomfort if done substantially. Contact lens wearers may also realise that their lenses commence to dry up when they forget to blink for too much time. Thankfully, there is a handy rule to adhere to to help keep your eyes feeling healthier and refreshed during reading. The 20-20-20 rule means that each and every 20 minutes, you really need to take a twenty second break and look at something 20 feet away throughout the room. This can give your eyes the full time to modify returning to their normal blink rate, re-hydrating your eyes along with your contact lenses.

All stated earlier hopefully may be a useful guide from the outcomes of digital screen use on the eyes. while wearing contact lenses could cause your eyes in order to become dry, that make them sore and unpleasant. The top effective tips to help keep your eyes feeling healthy when reading. Need a new pair? Visit Lens World to get your new pair of contact lens to accompany your reading time