Things You Should Keep in Mind About Contact Lenses

11th Jan 2016

Contact lenses in AU are becoming exceedingly popular. Everyone recognizes the convenience and the comfort that they have to offer. They’re great if you play sports and don’t want glasses getting in the way. They’re also very convenient when you want to go to a party and look your best without glasses disrupting your style. However, there are certain precautions you need to observe when you’re wearing contact lenses. That would help you wear them safely and without problems later on. Consider the suggestions given below before you start using contact lenses.

The First Wear is the Hardest

Don’t get intimidated by the irritation you feel when you first wear contact lenses. It takes a few minutes for your eyes and your mind to become accustomed to the sensation. It’s not unusual for people to try wearing contact lenses several times before getting a hang of it. The optometrist will be there to help you adjust for your first wear. After your eyes and your brain understand that contact lenses in AU aren’t your enemy, the irritation will stop.

Always Carry a Lens Case With You

It’s very unlikely that a contact lens will fall off from your eye, but it’s a good idea to be prepared. If one lens falls off, you’ll have to remove the other. Sometimes, if a stray wind brings dirt into your eye, it will react. In this case, you might need to remove your contact lenses as well. The dirt particle can get trapped under the lens and cause problems. Having a lens case and a small travel bottle of cleaning solution would help.

Never Sleep With Contact Lenses On

This is the worst thing you can do and can be unpleasant and dangerous. If you need to sleep, remove the contact lenses. If you don’t have a lens case handy, it’s better to discard the lenses instead of sleeping with them on. When your eyes are closed, the lenses aren’t breathing. They can dry out and get stuck to the eyeball. Needless to say, the results aren’t pleasant.

Don’t Wear Them For Longer than 12 Hours

This advice is for the sake of your comfort. Lenses will eventually start drying after you wear them. By the end of the day, they’ll be pretty dry. When the lenses are dry, they shrink, which can cause discomfort. Moreover, they can also absorb the eyes natural moisture, making your eyes feel dry. It’s never a good idea to wear contact lenses in AU for longer than 12 hours. If you have to, you can invest in a solution to keep your eyes and your contact lenses moist for longer hours.

Never Wash Contact Lenses with Water

The contact lens multipurpose solution is specifically formulated to moisten the lenses, remove protein deposits, eliminate bacteria, etc. Water can’t do these things. In fact, water will definitely damage your contact lenses and render them unusable.

At Lens World, we recommend that you keep these facts in mind when you use contact lenses. You can order contact lenses in AU at our store and get the advantage of a great collection of products and prompt delivery to your doorstep.