Symptoms That New Contact Lens Wearers Should Not Worry About

16th Jul 2019

These days, not everyone has perfect vision. Hence, the existence of glasses and contact lenses. However glasses may be irritating to the modern-day consumers. You might lose them, misplace them, sit on them etc. Even if your lens are already taken care of properly, any veteran wearer is aware that glasses are extremely difficult to clean from being smudge-free.

Listed here are several perfectly normal symptoms you could encounter while getting used to your contacts:

You tear up

Your eyes are not familiar with contacts. Although the lenses have the purpose of helping you with your vision, but your eyes may respond just as if they are accumulated dust or a pair of eyelash . By nature, your eyes tear to flush out debris. As soon as your eyes become accustomed to your lenses, you will have al the excessive tears disappeared

You have dry eyes

On the spectrum’s end, just about every day of putting on contacts can make you have dry eyes. Fresh new wearers are especially prone and can even encounter redness and irritation from too little adequate moisture.

You have torn lenses

Usually, we rub our eyes when they are feeling dry. Your contact lens may cause you to tear in the event that you rub with your eyes too often. When you have lens that are torn, you will feel immediately uncomfortable and can even bring further redness as well as discomfort.

You drop your contacts

Occasionally, a contact lens drops down. New contact lens wearers frequently drop a contact whilst attempting to put them on, or unintentionally take one out while rubbing their dry eyes. You will get the hang of applying your contacts eventually and wont lose your lenses anymore. 

You have eye fatigue

Many of us devote our days looking at laptop monitors. Laptops trigger substantial eye strain, and contacts causes it to be even worse at the start. Restrict your contact wear to several hours just about every day up until your vision conforms to the lenses. If you do get dry eyes or eye irritation, apply some drops or try wearing glasses for a while instead so that your eyes can rest.

You cannot see clearly

Dried up, exhausted eyes could cause blurred eyesight. The same thing can also happen if you do not clean or store the contact lenses correctly. Try to Wash your contacts before placing the contacts in every morning and prior to storing them away each night.

You deal with discomfort

It may be strange for you to get used to wearing contacts, be sure to blink just how you would usually blink, and be sure to use eye drops if your contacts feel dry or loosen on your eyes. You will get familiar with the experience as you wear your contacts more frequently.

Adjusting yourself to contacts usually takes a while, and you might might feel uncomfortable in the beginning. But it is worth it in terms of clarity that you can benefit from a great pair of contact lenses