Spectacles vs. Contact Lenses – Which is Better?

26th Aug 2015

People who require prescription lenses or glasses often wonder which is better. Some people strongly prefer one to another. For example, there are people who find glasses suit them better and they don’t want to bother with contact lens in Australia. However, there are others who swear by lenses and can’t tolerate spectacles. Generally, it’s a matter of personal preference but let’s look into both sides of the argument.


Glasses – It takes time to get accustomed to spectacles. That can be heavy and look ungainly on your face. After a while, you get accustomed to them and would probably forget you’re wearing them. However, glasses have their way of making themselves known. No matter what the quality, they can get dirty and nothing is more annoying than dirty glasses.

Contact Lenses Contact lenses are much more comfortable than glasses any day. While it takes time for you to get used to them, once you wear them, you can hardly feel their presence. Unlike glasses, a contact lens in Australia doesn’t get dirty and will give you clear vision at all times.If you are planning on wearing them for a longer time, its best to invest in eye drops to keep the lenses lubricated.


Glasses–Some people feel that glasses are convenient. You can simply put them on your face whenever you want and they don’t have any specific storage requirements. While it’s recommended that you store them in a case to avoid accidents, you can simply place them on your desk. They may be useful when you’re in a hurry to go somewhere.

Contact Lenses –It takes only a couple of minutes toput them on, but be careful not to leave them lying around open on your study table. While some people feel that they are better off using glasses, once they start using contact lenses they realise that they are easier to carry around as they are distinctly smaller in size. It’s also possible to get lens cleaners in travel pack sizes which adds to the convenience factor.


Glasses–Anyone who has worn both spectacles and lenses would tell you that without a doubt, lenses offer superior vision. Eyeglasses, even with the right prescription, don’t offer perfect clarity. As mentioned earlier, dust and scratches affect the vision. Moreover, wearing them in cold or wet weather can obstruct your sight. If you want good clarity with eyeglasses, you need to keep them meticulously clean and replace the lenses when they get too damaged.

Contact Lenses – Without question, contact lens in Australia provide superior vision. They’re as close as you can get to natural seeming eye-sight without surgery. You get good normal as well as peripheral sight. As they don’t get dirty, you don’t have to strain your eyes. You can wear them in any kind of weather easily and still have very clear vision.

At Lens World, we encourage people to try lenses simply because the advantages greatly outweigh any inconveniences. If you want to know more, explore our website. We have a large collection of soft contact lenses for every need.