Some Common Misconceptions about Contact Lenses

21st Feb 2019

A lot of people love changing their looks from time to time. That’s why they change their hairstyles, wardrobe or wear different makeup. Another way to change one's look is to wear coloured contact lenses.

Many opt for drastic changes, however you can also opt for a subtle colour change. Eyes are the first thing people notice. There are many misconceptions about contact lenses and we at Lensworld are going to dispel a few of them:

1. Lenses May Damage Your Eyes

People wouldn’t be wearing contact lenses if there was any risk to their eyes. Lenses are made by using advanced methods and completely safe materials. Here are a few steps to maintain them for safe usage:

  • Clean your contact lens with the solution before using them. An optometrist will recommend the perfect solution for use.
  • Make sure that your hands are clean before handling the lenses, as hands contain a lot of dirt and bacteria. Avoid using hand sanitizers before touching them.
  • Do not fall asleep with your lenses on. This can damage the lens as well as your eyes

2. Only People with Normal Vision Can Use Contact Lenses

That statement is completely untrue. Even though you might have prescription contact lenses you can always opt for coloured ones. Every leading brand manufactures non-prescription coloured prescription contact lenses. We can provide you with coloured contact lenses even though you might be using a toric contact lens. You can choose from different colours and shades as per your specific preferences.

3. Coloured Contact Lenses Do Not Look Normal

This statement is largely dependent on the choice of lens colour you choose. If you have blue eyes and fair skin and you end up choosing a brown lenses that might not necessarily suit you. In addition, the sudden change will also be noticeable and people might comment that they look unnatural.

However, if you choose a colour that complements your skin tone and facial appearance that wouldn’t look unnatural. Such misconceptions about contact lenses may keep people away from them.

The important aspects to keep in view is that you opt for lenses of good brands and make sure you use them and care for them in the right manner. At Lensworld, we have lenses from well-known brands and offer high-quality lenses that’ll be comfortable and give you better clarity of vision. For further information call us on 1300 724 534 or visit our website.