Rebranding of Contact Lenses for Optometrists

Posted by Lens World on 23rd Feb 2021

When people want to switch to contact lenses, they first visit their optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam. This exam is necessary because the prescription for lenses is different from the prescription for glasses. A new examination ensures you get comfortable and clear lenses to try. Large optometrist chains often have their own lens brand and doctors prescribe them to patients instead of recommending third-party brands like Acuvue or Alcon.

Most new wearers are hesitant to experiment with other lens options, especially if they find the prescribed products comfortable and easy to use. Using prescribed lenses can also be convenient because they are ready every time you run out of the old stock.

How Do Optometrists Get Self-Branded Lenses?

The products available at your optometrist's store are the same as the ones available in regular stores. Doctors will reach out to established brands like Bausch & LombCoopervision, Acuvue, Alcon, etc, and set up a contract with them. The lens manufacturers repackage their products according to the doctor’s branding and optometrist sell them to patients at a slightly marked-up price.

These lenses are always a little more expensive than the products available in regular stores. Contacts available in online stores are even more affordable, helping patients save hundreds of dollars every year on their lens order.

Why Do Optometrists Do This?

Optometrists sell their own brand because it ensures customers stay within their circle of products and services. Lens sales bring in additional steady and consistent revenue, which only helps the practice and gives the optometrist some financial security.

This arrangement can be convenient for patients as well because they don’t need to order their supply of contacts every time it runs out. People who wear toric or multifocal lenses have to wait longer for their order to arrive when they shop at regular stores. An optometrist’s shop will always have your prescription ready, regardless of its complexity.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost because many lenses available at the doctor’s office are nearly 70% more expensive. You can use a combination of discount codes and sales to save a lot of money on your prescriptions.

Online stores also deliver the product to your doorstep so there’s no need to visit a doctor’s office every time you need a refill. Some online stores also have a subscription model and will deliver contacts to your home on a fixed schedule.

Can You Get the Same Lens World?

It can be difficult to find a pair of comfortable lenses. When users find the perfect fit, they are reluctant to experiment with any other product. Fortunately, you can compare the material of a contact lens and find an equivalent product under a different brand name. Users can Google their current contact lenses and look for alternatives. Many internet resources provide detailed information on every lens product.

You can also contact a store’s customer care number for some advice. Most executives will know how to find the right lens based on material and brand information. Lens wearers can try free samples from different brands to find a good fit as well. Most offer samples of every product in their line-up online.

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