16th Sep 2019

Contact lenses are an ideal alternative in the event that you have vision issues and wouldn't like the hassle of putting on glasses. However, they do not have to be entirely functional. Coloured contact lenses can be a great way to have your vision corrected while also enabling you to possess the beautiful eyes you have always desired. Nevertheless not all the colours fit everyone


Light Eyes -- Light eyes are ideal for coloured contacts. Your eyes' shade will not have a massive influence on the look and feel. Stunning choices such as glorious blue can truly make your eyes stand out. Or perhaps you can go for an even more subdued sapphire or grey. If you are interested in a milder improvement to your authentic eye colour, then enhancement contact lenses could possibly be the best way to go. These emphasise the characteristics of your eyes. The authentic patterns of your eye are showcased without switching the colour.

Dark Eyes -- The efficient number of colours is more limited based on the darkness of your eyes. You can still choose for a blue contact lens if that is what you have always imagined of having, however the change definitely won't be as impressive as for those light eyes people. Colours that work very well with darker eyes consist of colours of green, violet as well as hazel, and then the more subdued grey shades. Enhancement contact lenses are also less efficient if you have dark eyes. The effects of the transparent colour are not as intense when paired with a darker eye colour below. However, they can still provide your eyes with some delicate sparkle


It is for a fact that there are no contact lenses that would not look completely ridiculous with a specific skin type. However, there are certain colours that work much better collectively. An excellent tip is to take into consideration colours that you already fully know work very well with your skin tone. The most straightforward option to do that is to find out what colours predominate your closet most

Fair Skin

If you want the widest range of choices, you can have the perfect combination with fair skin and light eyes. It will work very well with more or less any contact lens colour. Bright blue contact lenses work wonderfully with this particular blend because they really pop on pale skin. Grey lenses are additionally in particular impressive anyone that has fair skin. And if you want to truly get noticed, an attention-getting colour such as greenish-blue or violet will truly make your eyes spark.

Medium Skin

If you have more tanned skin, bright blue eyes are an alternative that will not work too. Choosing warmer colours like green or hazel is a far better blend. These colours will enhance your skin colour and yet still make your eyes stand out. When you want to go for an even more stunning look, therefore go with either purple or grey. These colours work very well if you have medium skin.

Dark Skin

Warm colours like browns and hazels are always going to complement your skin nicely. You might want to consider grey or honey as well for a somewhat more smoky appearance. It is not suggested to go for bright colours such as blue and green. They can look rather unnatural and grab people's attention to be aware that you are putting on coloured contact lenses.

By now, you may get the idea on which contact lens that will work perfectly on your natural looks. Looking to buy contact lenses? Get yours from Lens World