How to choose which lens colour is best for your eyes?

12th Oct 2022

Wearing coloured contact lenses is in fashion now. . So how do you choose the colour of your contact lenses? It depends on the type of look you want and before selecting the colour you need to decide whether you are in the mood to look bold, subtle or something in between. But before you go shopping for coloured contact lenses, you will need a prescription for the same even if they are only for colour enhancement.

Do remember that coloured contact lenses are relatively more expensive and hence before you decide on the colour, ensure you take the following factors into consideration and research them.

Types of coloured contact lenses

Generally, contact lenses are made in colours that match the colour of your iris. This ensures that they make you look as natural as possible. With the advancement of technology, coloured contact lenses have come a long way. Now they even come with designs like tiny coloured dots, radially occurring coloured lines etc. These make them look almost like your natural iris thereby enhancing the beauty of your eyes. However, the part of the lens that covers the pupil is absolutely clear so there is no obstruction to vision clarity.

Coloured contact lenses are available in three different types of tints:

  • Visibility tint: Generally light blue to green in colour, these contact lenses make it easy to distinguish the lenses from their surroundings. While they do not particularly change the colour of the eye, they do make it easy to spot the lenses if they fall.
  • Enhancement tint: As the name suggests, these lenses come with a solid, translucent yet slightly darker tint than the visibility tint. These tinted lenses help to enhance your eye colour and are best suited if you have a light-coloured iris and need to enhance their intensity.
  • Opaque tint: These are non-transparent contact lenses that can completely change your eye colour for the time that you wear them. If you have dark-coloured iris, you can make them seem light and vice-versa. These opaque tinted lenses are available in diverse colour tints like brown, grey, violet, blue, amethyst, green and hazel. Previously used to enhance the special effects in movies and theatres, now they are widely available and anyone can buy them.

Contact lenses for light eyes

Two things that you should keep in mind if you have light coloured iris are:

  • You can change their colour subtly or
  • Deepen their colour to an intense darker shade of the same tint

Of course, you can always experiment with opaque colours to give your eyes a dramatic effect. Hence colours like grey or green, brown or other tints with blue-red undertones will make people sit up and take notice.

Contact lenses for dark eyes

If your eyes are naturally dark coloured, you have to opt for opaque tints. Colours like hazel, light brown etc will add a natural tint to your eyes while blue, violet, green etc will make you stand out.

So when you opt for Freshlook Colorblends lenses, make sure you choose the tint wisely. Wear them like you own them so that you feel beautiful from the inside.