​Contact Lenses vs Glasses

27th May 2019

Making the decision for whether glasses or contact lenses are right for you may not be an easy task at times. However, considering the facts that there are more benefits or positive points to wearing contact lenses over glasses, this may ease your decision-making process and ultimately lead you to your contact lenses purchase.To achieve a better idea why contact lenses are the right choice for you, let us investigate and analyze how you can you benefit from contact lenses.

How Contact Lenses Win Over Glasses

Contact lenses are worn right in the eye, which gives you a more natural vision than glasses. Given the distance between the eye and the lenses, glasses, at times, create distortion. Glasses are an unnatural, distracting barrier between your eyes and your surroundings. Contacts do not detract from your natural appearance, but instead they let people see your eyes clearly

Wearing contact lenses, your entire field of view is in focus. This is especially important in sports and in driving, where you need to see as much around you as possible. There will be no distractions during games and sports activities, which additionally, makes contact lenses a favorite among athletes. Meanwhile, glasses have poor peripheral (side) vision

Many think that glasses fall short on them and make them look silly, with contact lenses, you do not have to worry about this. There is no restrictive frame around your vision, which means you will not have to stress over them looking silly or matching your outfit of the day. A whole wardrobe of fashionable, functional, affordable sunglasses is available to contact lens wearers. Fashionable and inexpensive non-prescription sunglasses are not an option if you wear eyeglasses

Contact lenses match everything you wear. With glasses, they need to complement your outfit. For example, casual frames may not suit evening attire or that colors may clash.

Contact lenses will not collect precipitation and blur your vision, whereas if you are under the rain, eyeglasses can be annoying to wear in rain or snow.

Contacts don't detract from your natural appearance; they let people see your eyes. Glasses are an unnatural, distracting barrier between your eyes and the world.

Wearing glass may give you uncomfortable weight on your face and ears. Periodic need for tightening or other adjustment. In contrast, there is no weight and resulting discomfort as well as there is no frame constantly slipping down your nose. Long-term glasses usage can also cost you some money and leave unattractive marks on your nose.

Contacts do not fog up, whereas glasses fog up with changes in temperature

Contact lenses generally offer greater visual clarity than glasses do.

Regardless of whether you have the option to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction, it will mostly depend on your personal preferences. Your decision-making process may involve factors such as lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and aesthetics. Since glasses have less number in advantages over contact lenses, you may decide to throw yours away