Are Contact Lenses Worth It?

18th Nov 2021

If you wear eyeglasses, you must have often wondered about trying contact lenses. Before you try them, it is recommended to learn about the benefits of contacts against glasses. There are widespread misconceptions about contacts that keep most eyeglass wearers away from them. This guide provides you with valuable information on contact lenses whether they are worth it compared to eyeglasses based on different factors.

1. Different Vision Needs

The Contact lens available today can correct most types of vision problems.

  • Even a high degree of astigmatism can be corrected with the right contacts.
  • People in their middle age can develop trouble with reading due to presbyopia. Multifocal contact lenses can help address their vision needs.
  • Multifocal contacts mean that are no longer required to switch between reading glasses and contacts to switch from near vision to distance vision needs.

2. More Affordable Than Ever

Contacts have become much more affordable than ever before. The latest technologies have improved the comfort and safety provided by this eyewear. Eyeglasses have always been fragile. This makes contacts great backup eyewear for those seeking an affordable choice.

3. Easier to Maintain

Ask any Contact lens wearer and you will hear them say how convenient it has become to maintain these lenses. They will still need some careful treatment in order to maintain great comfort. Some of the simple steps to caring for them include:

  • Regular cleaning and changing
  • Removing every night and disinfecting
  • Extended wear contacts don't even need daily removal

Whether you use single-use or extended wear type of contacts you use, it is important to replace them as per the prescribed schedule. Daily disposable contact lenses are considered the healthiest, allowing you to wear clean lenses every day. Besides, they don't require any cleaning.

4. Perfect for Sports & Riding

Engaging in sports activities wearing your eyeglasses will always be concerning. Every time you wear your motorcycle helmet, it can be an inconvenience with your glasses on. Sweat or fog can interfere with your view as it sticks to glass lenses. With contact lenses, you will no longer have to worry about these challenges. You can play games and ride your bike with a clear vision and great eye comfort.

5. Greater Eye Comfort

Modern-day contact lenses are quite comfortable. For example, alcon contact lenses are among the most comfortable contacts you can find. All you have to do is learn how to insert and remove these lenses comfortably. You will not have to worry about the contacts giving you any discomfort. Your eye specialist can guide you in choosing the right type of lenses for optimal comfort, whether you choose soft or hard lenses.

If you have dry eyes or spend time in air-conditioned environments, the right steps can help reduce or eliminate any comfort issues. For example, the use of prescribed eye drops and blinking more often can help you work in an air-conditioned office in front of a computer screen without any issues.

Thus, Contact lens has come a long way and many technologies have been developed over the years to make it comfortable, convenient, and free from potential risks of infection. They are more affordable and can be used along with your eyeglass schedule or independently without any inconvenience.