Alcon Freshlook® Colours, Dimensions and One-day Illuminate Range Discontinued – Here are the Alternatives

7th Dec 2022

Alcon has recently made the decision to discontinue several of the coloured contact lenses from their Freshlook® range. The Freshlook® Colors, Freshlook® Dimensions and Freshlook One-Day Illuminate range will be phased out by the end of 2022. The discontinuation of the Freshlook® Colors and Freshlook® Dimensions is occurring worldwide, while the phasing out of the Freshlook® One-Day Illuminate range only impacts New Zealand and Australian customers.

Why are these products being discontinued?

It is not uncommon for brands to phase out older products. As technology improves and newer products are launched, older stock is routinely discontinued to make way for more innovative solutions.

Are there alternative coloured contact lenses I can switch to?

There certainly is! Alcon recommends the Freshlook® Colorblends range as an alternative to the three discontinued ranges. When switching to the Freshlook® Colorblends range, you will not require a refit from Freshlook® Dimensions or Freshlook® Colors.

Another alternative is the AIR OPTIX® Colors range. The AIR OPTIX® Colors range is a monthly contact lens and comes in 12 different colours.

When will these products be discontinued?

Stock for the Freshlook® Colors, Dimensions and One-Day Illuminate range will be slowly phased out until the conclusion of 2022. It is recommended that you make the switch now to the Freshlook® Colorblends range (remember, no refit required!), or the AIR OPTIX Colors range.

You can purchase the AIR OPTIX Colors and Freshlook® Colorblends range from our coloured contact lens catalogue here.