A Brief Look at Different Brands of Lenses

9th May 2016

There are many different brands of lenses available online and it’s often difficult to decide which ones are of good quality. Most new users of contact lenses in Australia are often intimidated by the choice available to them. At Lensworld, we’ve decided to lessen your burden. Most users will stick to the same brand once they start using lenses. Here’s a brief introduction to all the brands of lenses that are popular amongst long-term contact lens users.

Bausch + Lomb

This brand is the reigning contact lens company across the globe. They manufacture and sell all kinds of eye health products and are one of the most well-known manufacturers of contact lenses. Almost every contact lens user has used their lenses at least once. They’re easily available, reasonably-priced and of very good quality. They sell contact lenses under these brand names- PureVision, Optima, BioTrue, ULTRA, and Softlens.

They also manufacture trusted multipurpose lens care solutions like Renu and BioTrue. Bausch and Lomb is a very old and trusted company. It was established back in 1853 and is now the largest manufacturer of eye health products in the world. They introduced their first contact lenses in the market in 1971 and have been going strong ever since. You can expect great quality products from them.

Johnson & Johnson

Everyone’s heard of Johnson & Johnson. The company manufactures everything from Band-Aids to baby powder. They have over 250 subsidiaries, including well-known brands like Clean & Clear, and Neutrogena. New users of contact lenses in Australia usually don’t know that they’re also a big name in the contact lens industry. They are the manufacturers of the popular Acuvue contact lenses. Johnson & Johnson focuses on quality and affordability and wants to make contact lenses accessible to everyone.

They manufacture products for all kinds of eye-problems, including astigmatism, presbyopia, near-sightedness, and far sightedness. Acuvue lenses are some of the most popular lenses in the market, especially amongst new users. They feel that they can trust the well-known brand. After all, unlike some other lens brands in the market, Johnson & Johnson is a familiar name to them.

Alcon Cibavision

Alcon Cibavision isn’t as well-known as the other two companies, outside this industry. That’s one of the reasons why first time users of contact lenses in Australia are often hesitant to purchase their products. However, you don’t need to be. Alcon Cibavision may have started out as a small company, but it’s now a trusted, well-established brand. This company manufactures O2 Optix, Air Optix, Freshlook, and Dailies contact lenses. They also manufacture the Opti-Free lens care multipurpose solution. Their products are of good quality and reliable so you don’t need to hesitate to purchase them.

There are other manufactures like CooperVision that produce good quality contact lenses too. You can purchase high-quality contact lenses in Australia from all of these brands. At Lensworld, we sell products from all of these manufacturers. If you’re curious about them, just browse through our website to know more.