4 Common Myths about Coloured Contacts Busted

29th Jul 2015

Have you ever been curious what you’d look like if you were born with different coloured eyes? They are your most attention-grabbing features after all. With coloured contacts, you can satisfy that curiosity. You can see just how much a slight change in colour can alter your features.

At Lens World, we believe that everyone should try coloured contacts at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many people are wary of contact lenses. There are certain myths and misconceptions about contact lenses that we can dispel here so that you can try coloured contact lenses without hesitation.

Myth 1 – They can Damage the Eye

No one would wear coloured contacts if there was any risk to the eye. There are designed to be perfectly safe and give you clear vision. There are, of course, certain precautions you need to observe when you use them:

You need to clean the lenses thoroughly before wearing them. There are different kinds of lens cleaning solutions available that you can use.

Wash your hands before handling the lens and make sure you have no residue of soap on your hands. It might be best if you avoid hand sanitizers as well.

Do not sleep while wearing lenses, don’t even take a five-minute nap. The results can be unpleasant and sometimes dangerous.

Myth 2 – Only People with Normal Vision can wear them

One of the stranger, more prevalent beliefs is that people who require prescription lenses can’t get them in different colours. In fact, all major contact lens manufacturers provide prescription lenses in a variety of colours. It’s perhaps a bit more difficult to find toric coloured lenses for people with astigmatism in a regular brick and mortar store, but they’re easily available online. If you need prescription lenses, you really shouldn’t hesitate to try coloured contacts. They can be an interesting alteration to your look.

Myth 3 – They look Unnatural

The appearance of coloured contact lenses really depends on which ones you buy. Good quality contacts can appear natural and unless someone is paying particular attention to your eye, they might not notice it. It also depends on the kind of colour you choose. Some people are born with natural eye colours that look completely out-of-place on their features. You should pick a colour that complements your face. That way, you can avoid the unnatural appearance of lenses.

Myth 4 – They’re Uncomfortable

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Coloured contacts are very comfortable for most people. They are some who just can’t seem to get accustomed to it, but most would forget they’re there. Soft lenses are specifically designed for comfort and would sit properly on your eye. You won’t feel any discomfort unless your lenses become dry and start to shrink. The best way to avoid that is to blink often and not wear them for extended periods of time.

There’s no reason for you to hesitate. Bring a little fun and colour to your life by buying coloured contacts from Lens World. We offer free delivery for any purchase above $160. One of the best advantages of purchasing from our site is that you’ll always get the genuine product.