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Contact lenses happen to be the best way to correct vision problems without having to wear bulky glasses. The latest technology allows for manufacturers to produce some of the thinnest, most comfortable and durable contact lenses all over Australia which has motivated a growing number of people to switch over to contacts. As a matter of fact many people who were once put off by fears of irritation have now started replacing their glasses with contact lenses. That said when buying contact lenses the best thing to do is to always buy the best possible brand especially when you buy them online. Never search for cheap contact lenses but rather high quality lenses. Since, even the slightest problem with your eyes can spell disaster. At LensWorld we have made it a point to always sell the highest quality lenses from the most reputed and trusted brands in the industry.

Caring for your contact lenses

Now whether you wear contact lenses occasionally or daily it is important to make sure that they are clean and well taken care of.  Though almost every contact lens seller like us will prescribe solution, the fact is that no two solutions are equally good. There are some that are obviously better than others and can extend the comfort and service life quite a bit. The contact lens cleaning solution we recommend and also the ones we sell on our website can be used with a host of different lenses. These solutions have proven over the years to be of great quality and have tested to be safe for most people. Plus we always recommend that you follow the manufacturer's directions when it comes to cleaning and storing your lenses.

Why buy from us?

At LensWorld we have never believed in selling the cheapest contact lenses in Australia. Our goal has always been to sell the highest quality brands like CooperVision. That said we have also taken a number of steps to ensure that the lenses we sell are competitively priced. So, instead of buying cheap contact lenses, people who buy from us are in fact investing in high quality, branded contact lenses which are available at a competitive price. So, there is no need to risk your eyes just to save a few dollars on your purchase, when you buy from us.

Contacts shipped to your home

We sell a number of prescription and recreational contact lenses. Over the years we have managed to add the best brands and the latest products from the most recognized manufacturers. That said we strongly advise that people always contact a doctor and get their eyes examined prior to buying prescription contact lenses from us. We are also obligated by law to make sure that our buyers have a prescription. However, once your order is placed we work as soon as possible to make sure that it reaches your doorstep in the shortest period of time. Delivery time does vary depending on the delivery method you choose.