Toric Contact Lenses: What Are They For?

4th Jul 2019

You may possibly have heard that toric lenses are contact lenses for astigmatism. What will they be and why do they help?We walk you through simple tips on how to place your contacts and what you m … read more

Contact Lens Tips for Travelers

1st Jul 2019

1. Try limiting your contact lens wear during a flightFirst and foremost, try to wear your contact lenses less often during a flight. Disposable contact lenses are predominantly made of water, with … read more

​Contact Lenses vs Glasses

27th May 2019

Making the decision for whether glasses or contact lenses are right for you may not be an easy task at times. However, considering the facts that there are more benefits or positive points to wear … read more

Tips to Care for Your Contact Lenses

22nd Feb 2019

People who have just switched to contact lenses do not necessarily understand how to take care of them the right way. They’re either too careless or too cautious, and neither of these is are good a … read more