Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Buy Coloured Contact Lenses

8th Jul 2015

Most don’t hesitate to colour their hair, try new styles or clothes or shoes when they want to alter their appearance. However, a surprising amount of people are reluctant to try on coloured contact lenses. They only temporarily alter the colour of your iris and they’re available in a variety of colours at Lensworld.

A simple change in eye-colour can have a dramatic effect on your entire look. Some people are born with pale eyes and find that darker hues suit them better. Some are born with dark coloured iris and would to love pale coloured eyes. People who haven’t worn contact lenses before are intimidated by them and hesitate to experiment. Here are some reasons that might convince you otherwise.

#1 – They’re comfortable

You might’ve heard ads proclaim that you won’t feel the lenses when you put them on. You might hesitate to believe this. After all, you’ve experienced just how uncomfortable it is if dirt gets in your eye. People tend to forget that contact lenses are specially designed for eyes. Soft lenses are very comfortable. In fact, the cool, moist sensation of putting them on is almost soothing at times.

If they’re dry, (and they might become dry if you wear them for too long and don’t blink often), they can make their presence known. Otherwise, they don’t even register. So, you don’t need to forgo coloured contact lenses just because you think they’re uncomfortable.

#2 – They’re easy to wear

To be honest, it takes couple of tries to get the hang of wearing and removing contact lenses. First two or three attempts can lead to teary eyes and frustration. Once you get the hang of it, though, wearing and removing them is easy. In fact, most people don’t even need to spend much time as it takes no more than a couple of minutes to wear them or remove them. You just need to be a bit patient at the beginning.

#3 – They don’t look unnatural

Some people wear coloured contact lenses that deliberately stand out, in wild, exotic colours. If that’s your preference, you don’t need to worry. However, you might hesitate if you’re going for a natural look. How natural contact lenses look depends on the quality of the lenses you pick and the colour. If you pick a more natural looking colour, your eyes would look beautiful and still appear natural. There are several celebrities out there who opt for coloured contact lenses and most audiences don’t even notice the difference.

#4 – They are safe

Contact lenses, as mentioned before, are specifically designed for the eyes. However, you should wear them after cleaning them thoroughly with the lens-cleaning solution. You should also store them properly in lens cases and discard them when they’ve expired. You shouldn’t wear them when you intend to sleep, even if it’s for a 15 or 30 minutes. If you keep these things in mind, coloured contact lenses are perfectly safe and can make your eyes look strikingly attractive.

So don’t hesitate to purchase contact lenses from Lensworld. We have free delivery on all orders over $160. When you purchase from our website, you’ll always get a genuine and authentic product. Log on to our website to place your order today.