Tips to Use Contact Lenses While Travelling

11th Feb 2019

You use contact lenses regularly and can even wear them while traveling. Many skips out on carrying them during their travels, while others carry them. If you wish to take the lenses along with you, here are a few pointers from Lensworld on how to travel correctly with your contact lenses:

1. Carry All Essentials

There are a few essentials to carry when you travel and want to wear your contact lenses such as:

  • A contact lens case
  • Tweezers for your contact lens
  • A multipurpose solution
  • Anti-bacterial hand wipes

In addition, you will need eye drops, a magnifying hand mirror and of course your glasses too.

2. Do Not Wear Them during Long Flights

An airplane’s environment is dry and can soak up moisture pretty easily. This is why many carry moisturizers and lip balms during long flights. Contact lenses tend to dry up extremely quickly in airplanes. You may even start to feel a dry sensation and contraction within a couple of hours. If you cannot go without your lenses, keep eye drops handy and use them to restore the moisture balance immediately. This is why many users find it better to wear glasses during flights and switch to contact lenses once they land.

3. Spill-Proof Multipurpose Solution Bottles

Many multipurpose solution bottles available have easy to open caps. During flights, the jolting can easily pop open the cap and spill the entire solution. In addition, an open cap also exposes the nozzle which can corrupt the solution. Many bottles are large, this is why it is better to carry a spill-proof, smaller bottle during travel.

4. Consider Daily Disposables

Daily disposable lenses are much more convenient during travels. You get a fresh pair with the right moisture level each day. This ensures that your pair doesn’t get corrupted accidentally and you do not have to keep a track of them. These are the most travel-friendly lenses available.

5. Never Travel Without a Magnifying Mirror

You never know when you might have to remove your lenses or if there will be a good mirror in the hotel. Having a magnifying mirror allows you to remove your lenses safely at any time.

6. Do Not Travel Without Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes

Even small mistakes can cause eye infections. You need to be extremely careful while handling your lenses. Use contact lens tweezers as much as possible, but if you’re comfortable using your hands ensure that they are clean.

At Lensworld, we have lenses from well-known brands and offer high-quality lenses that’ll be comfortable and give you better clarity of vision. For further information call us on 1300 724 534 or visit our website.