Tips to Care for Your Contact Lenses

22nd Feb 2019

People who have just switched to contact lenses do not necessarily understand how to take care of them the right way. They’re either too careless or too cautious, and neither of these is are good and can lead to problems.

Customers should fully understand lens care and how to wear them before regular use. We at Lensworld encourage all customers to be aware of all the necessary information. Here are a few tips to care for your contact lenses:

1. Before Wearing the Lens

You have to ensure that lenses are clean and on the right side before wearing them. The lens has a natural curvature and fits perfectly on the eye. In case the lens is inverted it will cause blurriness and discomfort. This is what you need to ensure while wearing the contact lens:

  • Place the contact lens in the center of your palm once you take it out from the case
  • Pour multi-purpose solution and rub it gently with a single finger
  • Place the lens on the crease of your palm and fold your fingers. If the edges of the lens flip and stick to your palm it means that the lens is on the wrong side.
  • Once checked, rinse the lens in a solution to remove oils.

2. Wearing The Lens

The process for wearing the lens is extremely simple once you get rid of your nervousness. If the lenses aren’t positioned well they can cause irritation. Here are a few steps to follow while wearing your contact lens:

  • Place the lens on the tip of your finger and inspect it for dirt
  • Hold your brow and pull the lower lid down with your dominant hand
  • Place the contact lens on your iris and let it stick. You will feel a soothing sensation once the lens is fit perfectly

3. Removing The Lens

This is the one thing that a lot of people have a problem with as it requires you to touch the contact lens while it’s on your eyeball. Here are the steps to safely remove the contact lens:

  • Widen your eye with the help of your fingers and place your index finger on the lens
  • Drag the lens gently to the corner of your eye with slight pressure
  • Grab the lens with your finger and remove it gently

At Lensworld, we have lenses from well-known brands and offer high-quality lenses that’ll be comfortable and give you better clarity of vision. For further information call us on 1300 724 534 or visit our website