16th Sep 2019

Basically, there are some reasons why you should get started on wearing contact lenses. Perhaps it is how you feel the way they make you feel “seen” or simply that you would need them sometimes. No matter what your reason, there are some simple things you should remember what you should and should not do when you are new to the whole wearing-contact-lenses game

Get a prescription

Before you begin putting on contact lenses, you need to get an approved prescription. You may already have one for your eyeglasses but since contact lenses stay right on your eyes there are additional measurements you need to learn for the comfiest fit. Do not forget it’s likely to have various prescriptions for each eye hence keep in mind to have both at hand when you purchase.

Get your contact lenses

As soon as you have got your approved prescriptions, you can get online and purchase your lenses. For contact lenses for short as well as long-sightedness, you are recommended to only need three things, which are power, foundation curve, plus size. Power refers to the levels of eyesight correction that you need to see clearly. Foundation or base curve refers to the dimension of your eye’s genuine curvature so that the contact lenses stay nicely on your eye. This is normally arranged by the manufacturer but there could be more than one option. And size relates to how large the contact lenses should become

In case you have ever been told through an optician that you have got astigmatism, the type of contact lens will be required. Toric lenses are designed to match eyes with astigmatism easily and firmly. Moreover, if what you have is actually presbyopia and have been having difficulties with reading things up close not too long ago or wear reading glasses, you might want to consider multifocal contact lenses. These create sharp vision after all miles in only one particular lens, which means that you can always enjoy clean vision.

Get the ones with suitable wearing time for you

It can easily be a bit puzzling determining whether or not to wear daily, month or biweekly contact lenses. Thankfully, it’s as much as you which one feels the most relaxed and accommodates you best. Using any kind of contact lenses, you need to stay in the manufacturer’s wearing pattern. Nevertheless, if your optician recommends it, you could manage to wear month-to-month or 2-weekly lenses constantly, which you would not have to take them off to fall asleep, but your vision would have to be saturated in all-natural crying to maintain comfort and of you and the baby. You are recommended to only put on them for if your optician advises it and for as long as they have stated.

Get your contact lenses into your eyes slowly and gently

Trying to put on your contact lenses is easy when you understand how to do it. First, you clean and dry out your arms, then softly lift up the lens from the package onto your main fingertip. Subsequently, hold your upper eyelid up while pulling down on your reduced lid as well as locate the contact lens over your eye. This may be really tricky, but you can try going to the side and put it onto the white component. The next move is to be in it in place by winking up and down and then blink with such a force. And voila, it should have settled in place easily at this point,