Points to Keep In View While Wearing Lenses

15th Feb 2019

Easy access to information is the primary reason why many people are slowly switching to contact lenses. People now know that contact lenses are convenient, comfortable, affordable and especially easy to use.

Contact lens technology has advanced so dramatically that you forget you even have them on, as they are built to suit the biology of our eyes. However it is necessary to have the right information before you start wearing them for daily use. Here are a few points from Lensworld to keep in mind while wearing contact lenses:

1. Dirty Hands

Contact lenses are basically magnets for bacteria, which can lead to infections and other eye-related problems. Washing your hands before wearing them or while removing them is extremely crucial. The dirt, oils, and germs can be transferred to your eyes through contact lenses. Washing your hands thoroughly before handling the lenses can save you from such problems.

2. Rubbing Your Eyes

People instinctively respond to itchy eyes by rubbing them. However, people who use contact lenses should avoid this as it might displace the lens or cause irritation. This should be kept in mind to avoid any problems.

3. Sleeping

The consequences of sleeping with your contact lenses on can be quite serious. Lenses shrink when they aren't provided with the necessary amount of water. In addition, contact lenses need oxygen as that’s what protects the iris beneath the lens. When they are not removed for extended periods of time, they can dry and become sticky. This is extremely risky and should be avoided.

4. Extended Wear

Contact lenses are designed to be worn for up to 12 hours. However, not all lenses are made that way. Continuous use will dry up the lenses and make them uncomfortable to wear. This is why if the manufacturer recommends 8 hours of usage, stick to that.

Extended usage can damage the integrity of the lens as well as be extremely harmful to your eyes. Carrying a small bottle of eye drops will help you restore the moisture of the lenses and your eyes.

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