Lensworld.com.au NewsBite - November 2017

6th May 2021


Buy More and Save!

When purchasing daily disposable and monthly lenses it is best to buy the large pack sizes.

Daily Lenses: We stock almost all of the 90 packs and are able to ship them straight away. It also works out cheaper per lens to purchase a 90 pack instead of 30 packs – Savings up to 43%

Monthly Lenses: We stock most 6 packs of single vision lenses, and again it is far more economical to buy the 6 packs.

View all Daily Lenses Here, and all Monthly Lenses Here


Did you know?

Italian architect, mathematician and inventor Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) produced the first known sketches (in 1508) that suggested the optics of the human eye could be altered by placing the cornea directly in contact with water.