Lensworld.com.au NewsBite - May 2015

6th May 2021


Additional Health Providers Added!

Lensworld.com.au is happy to announce that CBHS Health Fund is now accepting claims for lenses purchased from us!

We will keep you updated when more new health funds are signing up to support us.
To view the complete list of supporting health funds on our website:

Improved Delivery Service

Recently Lensworld.com.au has decided to improve our delivery times by removing the free shipping option for small orders (by post). This post service has been a source of frustration for some of our customers and ourselves.

After careful consideration we believe it to be better value to use a courier services for all orders. It provides for a faster 4 - 8 business day delivery service and much better tracking of parcels. However it comes with a small price tag of $5.95 but orders over $160 will receive this service for free. 

Tip of the Month

Before applying eye makeup, be sure your eyelids are very clean. Always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eye, to avoid blocking the lipid glands of the upper or lower eyelid. These glands produce lipids which protects the eye’s surface.