Lensworld.com.au NewsBite - February 2016

6th May 2021


Buy More and Save!

When purchasing daily disposable and monthly lenses it is best to buy the large pack sizes.

Daily Lenses: We stock almost all of the 90 packs and are able to ship them straight away. It also works out cheaper per lens to purchases a 90 pack instead of 30 packs – Savings up to 52%

Monthly Lenses: We stock most 6 packs of single vision lenses, and again it is far more economical to buy the 6 packs – up to 40% savings

View all Daily Lenses Here, and all Monthly Lenses Here.

Credit Card Security

Lensworld.com.au takes online security very seriously.

In order to protect our customers from fraudulent attacks we undertake the following steps;
1) We never hold any credit card details on file
2) We use 256-bit encryption when processing payments
3) Visa and Mastercard complete annual PCI compliance tests of our website, our web hosting company and our payment gateway partner.

This means you can feel safe with your shopping experience at Lensworld.com.au

Did you know?

Although the function of tears is to keep eyes clean, scientists don’t understand why we cry when we’re upset.