Is Contact Lens a Good Solution for Your Teenager?

28th Jan 2016

Contact lenses are very comfortable and convenient. You get clearer vision, the ability to participate in different activities, and freedom from cumbersome glasses. There are many adults who have switched over completely to wearing and buying contact lenses online. What about your children? Are contact lenses a good option for them? Should you allow your child, who might still be a middle school or a high school student to wear contact lenses? The answer is yes.

Are Contact Lenses Safe?

There’s no reason why a teenager can’t wear contact lenses regularly. In fact, giving how active and sporty teenagers are, contact lenses would actually be beneficial. They can easily play games, swim, and participate in contact sports without the risk of the glasses falling off. As long as your child observes all the precautions, contact lenses wouldn’t harm them at all.

Educating Your Child

Before you buy contact lenses online, you need to educate your child. They need to understand all the risks and responsibilities that come with wearing contact lenses. Here is what you need to tell your children.

  • Never Sleep Wearing Your Lenses – Teenagers can be careless and sometimes forgetful. They also lead very busy lives and won’t hesitate to catch a nap every now and then. Unfortunately, even a 30 minute shut eye during a commute can be very harmful. The contact lenses need to breathe and be exposed to air. If they’re not, they’ll dry out and stick to the eyeball and that can harm your child. You should make it very clear that they should not sleep with their lenses on.
  • Cleaning and Storage – We always suggest that you buy daily disposable contact lenses online. There’s no cleaning or storage process for them. You wear and discard, which can be ideal for teenagers. However, if you do purchase monthly disposables, you need to make sure that that your children are aware of the cleaning process. The lenses should be cleaned using a multi-purpose solution before and after every wear. They should also be stored in lenses cases.
  • Spare Glasses – You never know when you might need to remove your contact lenses. For example, if you’re stuck somewhere and have to stay over at your friends place, you might need to remove the lenses for the night. If you don’t have lens case and multipurpose solution with you, you might need to discard the lenses and wear glasses. There’s also a chance that a lens might fall off. If it does, you need to remove the other one and wear your glasses.
  • Address Irritation Immediately – The first time you place a lens on your eye, you might feel slight discomfort. However, this goes away almost immediately. If your eye feels irritated and sore for a more than a few seconds, the lenses haven’t been cleaned properly. In that case, you need to immediately remove the contact lenses and wash your eye.

As you can see, all you need to do is educate your teenager and you’re free to purchase contact lenses online. You’ll find all kinds of lenses at Lensworld, so don’t hesitate to check it out!