Here is how you can have a better flight while wearing contact lenses.

Here is how you can have a better flight while wearing contact lenses.

14th Dec 2017

If you are travelling on an airplane, it is highly suggested to limit your contact lens wearing time. Due to air-conditoned dry air on plane's board your lenses might dry out and disturb your eyes. There is also the quality factor, low quality lenses will lose moisture much quicker and will affect your travel. You can find different brands of high quality contact lenses at our online shop (insert link here) to minimize the distort during a flight.

Make sure you have plenty of contact lenses. Last thing you want would be going around looking for your brand of lenses in a place that you are not familiar with. Lens World will supply you with all your contact lens needs before you commence your travel. Regardless of your location in Australia, you can buy any item from our online contact lenses store and we will deliver.

In addition to having carry bag or a backpack it's a smart move to divide your contact lenses and put some of them to your hand bag. What is worse than having your luggage ending up in another destination? Having all your contact lenses in that luggage is definitely worse. You should consider having some contact lenses with you consistently as a sort of travel protection in the occasion that you're isolated from your main supply.

Daily contact lenses are likely the most helpful approach to wear contact lenses if you are on the move. For security reasons, pretty much in all countries travelers are restricted to little amounts of fluid in their bags (for the most part close to 100ml). This includes lense solution as well. So going with daily contact lenses rather than reusable lenses implies you won't need to stress over packing heaps of solution and this will allow you some extra space that you can use for different liquids.

Visiting new places is all fun and games but you should not let the joy take over your priorities. Packed and highly populated cities can have a bacteria rich environment which can increase your risk of getting infected either by your hands or the dirty air.

Majority of contact senses sold online are very bad quality knock-off brands. Lensworld is offering cheap prices for a vast selection of high quality contact lenses including colored lenses. For your next trip close your eyes and relax, we have got you covered.

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