Different kinds of Disposables and their Advantages

20th Oct 2015

Readily available soft contact lenses are usually classified on the basis of how long they can be worn. Traditional contact lenses could be worn for a long time before they would be discarded. People also needed to follow intense aftercare and visit their optometrist regularly. Soft contact lenses have not only made the entire process easy, but they also don’t require as many aftercare visits and are considerably more affordable.

You’ll just need to replenish your contact lens supply more often. These lenses are usually available in 2 variants- daily disposables and extended wear lenses. These extended wear lenses are usually referred to as weekly disposables or monthly disposables, etc.

What are Disposables?

Disposable refers to how long you can wear a particular contact lens before need to discard them. Manufacturers recommend not risking infection and discomfort, by using them for longer than that. It’s better to use a fresh contact lens rather than continue wearing the older lenses.

At some point after the wear period, disposables will lose their ability to store moisture and will be very uncomfortable to wear. They would also be more susceptible to germs and bacteria. So it’s not recommended that you continue wearing them. You should pick a new lens from your contact lens supply or purchase a new box.

Advantages of Daily Disposables

People wonder what the benefit of using daily disposables is. It looks that it’ll be a waste of money and a hassle as they’ll have to replenish their contact lens supply more often.

While it’s true that you might need to replenish your contact lenses more often, daily disposables have their own advantages. Consider the following points:

  • You don’t need a lens cleaning solution to regularly clean the lens and you don’t need to store it in a lens case either.
  • You can directly remove the fresh lens from its packet and place it on your eye and when the day is done, discard it. Daily disposables are very convenient because of this particular advantage.
  • Daily disposables have higher moisture content than extended wear lenses. They’re simply more comfortable and don’t dry out easily.
  • These lenses are great for people who don’t intend to wear contact lenses daily. With extended wear lenses, you need to wear and discard them within the wear period. If you buy monthly disposables and wear the lenses only two or three times a week, you’ll still have to discard them after a month of opening the pack.

As you can see, daily disposables can be very convenient for some people.

Advantages of Extended wear contact lenses

From the above stated points, you might think that extended wear contact lenses don’t have any advantages. On the contrary, they do. They’re as follows:

They’re a great option if you intend to wear contact lenses daily. You’ll get a full month’s use from monthly disposables and it’ll be comfortable as well. You won’t have to replenish your contact lens supply as often as you would, with daily disposables. At Lens World, we have all types of disposable contact lenses and you can choose what fits you and your lifestyle best.