4 Things to Keep In Mind When You Wear Contact Lenses

26th Jul 2016

The number of people who wear contact lenses in Australia is growing every day because they have easy access to information. They know contact lenses are comfortable, easy to use, quite affordable, and convenient. Lenses are specifically designed to suit the biology of eyes so it’s easy to forget that you’re even wearing them, but you need to adopt a few good habits when you start wearing contact lenses, including:

  • 1.Dirty Hands -Contact lenses can be magnets from microbes and bacteria and that can lead to infections and eye problems. Whether you want to place them on your eye or remove them, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial hand soap before you touch them. The oils, dirt, and germs present on your fingers can easily be transferred to your eyes through the contact lenses. You need to get into the habit of cleaning your hands thoroughly before you handle the lenses.
  • 2.Rubbing Eyes -If you don’t wear contact lenses, you won’t think twice about rubbing your eyes. Eyes can itch or become dry and most people respond to this instinctively and rub their eyes. Contact lens users shouldn’t do that because it would displace the lens and cause irritation. This is another habit you need to break in order to avoid problems with your contact lenses in Australia.
  • 3.Sleeping -You should never sleep with your contact lens on because the consequences can be quite severe. The lenses will shrink and dry-up when they’re not supplied adequate amount of water. They also need to breathe and be exposed to oxygen because that protects the iris beneath the lens. If you close your eyes for extended periods of time with the contact lens on, you’ll find that the lens has dried up and become sticky. It literally sticks to the eyeball and you need to peel it off. Needless to say, this is risky and unpleasant, and should be avoided at all cost.
  • 4.Extended Wear-As we mentioned in the previous point, lenses will eventually dry up and shrink and that can be very uncomfortable. There are some specifically designed lenses that can bear 12 hours of continuous use, but not all contact lenses in Australia are made like that. They’ll dry up and become uncomfortable so if the manufacturer recommends 8 hours of wear, stick to that wear time as much as possible.
  • Extended wear can be harmful to your eyes and can damage the integrity of the lens. Sometimes delays are inevitable and you can’t get home in time to remove the lenses. That’s why you should purchase a travel-kit lens case so you can remove the lenses any time you want. You can also carry a small bottle of eye-drops with you and use them to restore moisture to your eyes and contact lenses.

You need to keep these points in mind if you wear contact lenses, as they would ensure you don’t cause any harm to your eyes. At Lens World, we have lenses from well-known brands and offer high-quality lenses that’ll be comfortable and give you better clarity of vision.